Tiziana Cantone, from Naples, Italy, was filmed performing sex act on man. There are claims in Italy that she had sent the video to her former lover to taunt him. But the explicit footage appeared online in 2015 and she faced months of abuse and mocking.

 Ms Cantone could reportedly be heard on the sex tape saying: ‘Are you making a video? Bravo.’

Local media reports that this phrase has been repeatedly used by people who made parodies of the sex tape and shared them online – including famous footballers

When her own video was shared widely, Ms Cantone is said to have started to receive abusive messages. She was also reportedly often recognised on the street and even had to quit her job.

The sex tape became so widely known that she was also forced to change her name.

Ms Cantone underwent a legal process at the court of Naples North where she was granted a new legal name to avoid being recognised.

Her lawyer, Roberta Manzillo, is said to have taken legal action against a number of internet search engines as well as people responsible for sharing the sex tape on social networks. (

 Italian translation:

An Italian woman killed herself after sending a taunting video of her having sex with a new man to her ex-boyfriend – before the footage went viral on the internet.

Tiziana Cantone, from Naples in Italy, was filmed performing a sex act on a man and the video was uploaded on to the internet before being widely shared.

Neapolitan woman commits suicide, whose fault is it? …whose private videos were posted on the Internet last year has taken her own life because she could no longer bear the shame and humiliation of being … she quickly become a meme of the Internet. The blame, say some, it is him … destroyed the image of the girl. But really this is just the latest episode that shows how our bigoted society is not willing to forgive the fact that a woman can have sex with anyone who wants and getting filmed while doing it.

Of such news we read a lot. Just recently the Rimini newspapers today reported the story of another girl completely drunk who is raped by a boy in the bathroom of a nightclub, while amused friends shooting the scene with a mobile phone, then posted on WhatsApp.

The case of Tiziana is similar to all the previous ones, surely she was of age, she knew she was filmed and indeed seems to have spread herself the video to some friends on WhatsApp. But it ends here …Ex boyfriend’s consent for the video was forwarded to others, posted on Facebook or other sites… Was it wrong to shoot a porn video? No. Was he was wrong to trust the people you sent the movie? Probably yes. We can blame him? Absolutely not (Writer’s opinion).  Certainly an important role had to be the Media…one pulblisher known for its battles against the body shaming against overweight women – instead had published name of Tiziana Canton assuming that behind the spread of the cover there was a business strategy and smug recounting how the girl had become “an idol of the Web”:

  • T-shirts, video parody and dedicated facebook page: Tiziana Canton became the new web idol.
  • ” You’re making a video? Bravo. “This sentence is the cult of the whole story.
  • Let’s start from the beginning: a video where a girl cheats on her boyfriend practicing oral sexwith her lover. She asks him how he could be called his partner next to her, he proudly replied ” a horned “
  • The video began to run on whatsapp and has quickly become viral.

Whose fault is it then? “Men” or the Internet? At the time the video came out there were many women in the various groups met commented how slutty Tiziana. Indeed, while for male users can not be excluded that there was also a certain desire to have a meeting with the Neapolitan girl with regard to women, however there was only anger and desire to judge.


Even porn actresses – people who do the work – are “filthy sluts” or “bitches” by the mere fact that run video imagine what becomes a girl or a woman who is back in private while doing something that most of the women and men that looks and comments does (or would like to do). A woman takes pictures or filming naked or having sex is not a slut, each course may think “I would never do this thing not the” but that unlike those who exploit every opportunity to put to shame the others are struggling to understand her up at the bottom. Who pushed Tiziana Canton to kill herself were not “male” or the Internet, but were respectable and moral judgments expressed by those who can not accept that a woman can freely dispose of his body.

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Alyssa Funke


Alyssa Funke, a 19-year-old biology student at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, committed suicide on April 22 after being harassed for her work in pornography. The first-year student killed herself with a 12-gauge shotgun at a boat landing on Big Carnelia Lake.

Funke recently starred in an amateur porn film as “Stella Ann” at the website CastingCouch-X. Former classmates from Stillwater high school began posting rude messages through Twitter and Facebook when they found the video.

One student tweeted, “Wow your a thot,” which means slut. Another wrote: “Nothing brings a school together like a porn star who graduated last year. I guess you could say news spreads fast here at Stillwater hahah.”

Although Funke suffered from recurrent depression, the family of the straight-A student claims that cyberbullying must have played a significant role in their daughter’s decision to take her own life, Huffington Post reports.

Funke’s death follows media reports of persistent harassment and discrimination of Belle Knox, a Duke University freshman, after she publicly identified herself as a porn star.

“I am breaking down barriers between mainstream and the adult industry. I think that’s great, and I want to keep getting my message about female empowerment and sex worker rights,” Knox said, Fox Twin Cities reports.

Pornography is currently a $10 billion-industry in America that is considered to be even bigger than major leagues like the NFL, NBA and MLB.

Joy Friedman, a social worker at the non-profit Breaking Free, said that since children are exposed to pornography at a relatively younger age today, they don’t realise that their decision to enter the porn industry could traumatise them for a lifetime.

“This is permanent, she can’t erase this. Now, it goes into your family, it goes into your friends, it goes into your career,” Friedman said. “In the future, this is what you’re known for and this is who you’re labeled as. That affects you.”

Friedman believes that most porn actors might not have had a smooth sailing in early childhood.

Funke’s biological father has a rap sheet for theft and swindling; her mother and a boyfriend were arrested for dealing drugs and disregarding their younger children. Funke struggled with money ever since she moved in with her grandmother as a young teen.