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Everyone is trying to be someone else

  • Michaella McCollum Connolly (Irish) was jailed in  Peru in 2013 for drug smuggling
  • While in Acon 2 prison, she ran a beauty salon, learned Spanish and did yoga
  • Bribed prison guard to let her take photos on phone to reassure family
  • Expelled  from Peru earlier this month and flew home to Northern Ireland

pic 4.jpgMichaella took photos of herself inside of one of Peru’s most notorious prisons

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As well as becoming fluent in Spanish, Michaella kept herself busy doing yoga and took part in dance competitions with other inmates

Michaella celebrating her birthday in prison.jpg

One picture taken on the phone shows Michaella crouching alongside other inmates as she blows out candles on a cake they made for her 22nd birthday last year

183B7ED200000578-3750791-image-a-92_1471722942777Expelled from Peru earlier this month she flew home to Northern Ireland




What Do Women Really Want in a Man? It’s Not What You Think

Trait Percent Putting It in Their Top 3
1. Humor 53%
2. Intelligence 44%
3. Honesty 39%
4. Kindness 36%
5. Values 21%
6. Communication Skills 19%
7. Dependability 19%
8. Good Looks 17%
9. Facial Attractiveness 12%
10. Ambition 8%

What do women find attractive in men? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been exposed to media reinforcing a stereotype that women really only care about one thing: money, money, and more money.

Some have argued that this stereotype actually has evolutionary roots, claiming that it was adaptive for our female ancestors to evolve a preference for men with resources in order to help ensure the survival of their children. As support for this idea, study after study has found that women rate traits like status and wealth as more important than men do when looking for a long-term partner.

However, the fact that women tend to care more about money than men isn’t the same as saying that women only care about money, or that money is even their biggest concern.

In reality, women care about a bunch of other things far more than they care about money.

Tom Cruise before fame, money and Scientology

  • Portrait of a young Tom Cruise in love before fame, money and Scientology: Top Gun star’s first girlfriend shares insight into his early years of ambition and jealousy
  • First girlfriend Diane Cox reveals how she got together with Tom Cruise in 1979 – just before his rise to fame
  • They spent two years together but Cox says they split up because Cruise became too ‘intense’ and jealous
  • First love: Diane was 17 when she caught the eye of the older Cruise at a school dance.
  • Diane Cox is now a happily married mother of three


OmgYes app – How it began


“What is a sex start-up…? I don’t really know,” says Lydia Daniller over the phone from the headquarters of OMGYes, her sex start-up in the San Francisco Bay Area. The project is hard to define, because, like so many important projects, it’s a venture into uncharted territory.

Launched at the tail end of 2015, by Lydia and her friend Rob Perkins, OMGYes is a website that hopes to break the taboos surrounding women’s sexual pleasure by conducting and sharing new research in the field. The field being the female orgasm. Accessed through your browser, the site offers users (for a one-time $39 fee) a library of over 40 interactive, instructional touchscreen videos featuring a cast of real female volunteers. It’s suggested you use it like “a position book from the future.”

Rob and Lydia met 20 years ago at UC Berkeley — Lydia studied comparative literature, Rob studied neuroscience — and their joint project began during a conversation with friends. “We were sharing different stories about sexual pleasure,” says Lydia. “And people got really deep into the details. It was so refreshing. We thought, ‘What if we could collect those insights and get them out to the world?’ Because the taboo around this isn’t helping anybody.”

And so Rob and Lydia partnered with the University of Indiana to conduct a first-of-its-kind survey of over 2,000 women between the ages of 18 and 95. “We asked all sorts of questions — some of them were directly linked to stimulation techniques, sort of them were about general habits, and relationship happiness factors,” they explain.

The results, which they’re sharing in multiple releases of videos (Season One dropped in December), are intended to instruct and benefit both men and women. OMGYes is like “The Bible” from American Pie, but digital, intelligent, and based on the wisdom of real adult women, not fumbling adolescent boys. “We say it’s like a book,” says Rob. “You can read it alone, you can read it with someone. And it’s sort of a spark for exploration and conversation.”

“Sexual pleasure in general — people just have a gut reaction that it’s indecent,” says Rob. “People have this sense deep down that’s improper to be discussed and researched, which is why big institutions have never researched it.”

The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive. But where there are women on the internet, there are trolls. “We actually anticipated more haters,” Lydia laughs. “Of course, there have been some jerk-y responses but that just means we’re doing something right.”