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Negotiation skills

  • We Have a Deal: How to Negotiate with Intelligence, Flexibility and Power

Audiobook recommedations

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The Diviners series – A girl in the 1920s is sent to live with her uncle, after a spirit is awakened named Naughty John. After hearing of numerous mysterious murders she uses her powers with the help of her uncle and friends to defeat the spirit serial killer.

Martian Novel: Survival and basic math


NASA astronaut Mark Watney, a botanist and mechanical engineer, is left stranded on Mars when the crew of the Ares 3 mission are forced to evacuate their landing site in Acidalia Planitia due to an intense dust storm with high winds. Watney is impaled by an antenna during the evacuation and the rest of the crew believe him to be dead. His injury proves relatively minor, but with no way to contact Earth, Watney must rely on his scientific and technical skills to survive, growing potatoes in the crew’s Martian habitat (or Hab) and burning hydrazine to make water.