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Red Sparrow in a nutshell

Dominika and many others are double agents


Framed and tasked with seducing a Russian politician, he is murdered and Dominika was now under threat as Russian intelligence.



Dominika is sent to train as a “Sparrow”


On completion, Dominika is assigned to Budapest. Her mission:  seduce Nate Nash a CIA operative and uncover his Russian informat


Dominika lives with Marta, another Sparrow. Dominika discovers, and later her employers that Marta is trading Russian secrets. And for this she is murdered


Dominika compromises Marta’s informant, and  is tortured by her people


Convinced Dominika is more valuable alive than dead, she returns to her task, seducing Nate Nash, but instead defects


The informat is revealed, enemies are framed and killed. The end. Or is it…


If you can’t wait for the second installment


Other great movies & TV series:

[ War & Peace ] – Russian historical drama (BBC production)

Blå Ögon ] Swedish political drama inspired by Homeland (Subtitles)

[ Hanna ] – a genetically modified assassin

[ D vs D ] – Japanese Police drama (Subtitles)