Install or re-install Windows 8.1 (easy steps)

What you Need:

  • USB 4GB or more
  • The Official Microsoft webpage and Bing/Google search

Step 1

  • Google search Microsoft 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation
  • Sign in and Download Microsoft 8.1 Enterprise Evaluation, this is the ISO
  • The ISO is the image of the re-installation disk, on USB. Its roughly 3.5GB

Step 2

  • Google search Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool
  • The USB tool is a bootable flash-drive
  • Download Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool

Step 3 (Skipable)

  • Requires .NET Framework 2.0 (a web installer) to complete Step 2
  • Google search .NET Framework
  • Download .NET Framework 2.0 (Service Pack 2)

Step 4 (or Step 2)

  • Run Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool
  • Point it to the ISO and then to the USB i.e.
    • Browse and select the ISO
    • Select media type – USB or DVD (we used USB)
  • The ISO will be copied to the USB

NOTE: The Evaluation is a Full Windows 90 day trial. With the USB this can be refreshed back to 90 days at any time


Also try full Windows 8.1

windows 8.1 download search


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