Leadership over Artificial Intelligence

The 100 “Thirteen”


In a flashback, ninety-seven years ago, Becca and her assistant, Peri Gordon, work on version two of A.L.I.E. It’s in a form of a chip with tentacle-like appendages, but it continuously malfunctions. Suddenly they get a transmission from Chris. He warns her that A.L.I.E. has gotten out and is on the grid. That she is hacking nuclear launch codes. The woman asks why, and Becca answers with A.L.I.E.’s supposed problem with humanity: “Too many people.”

Becca tells Chris to send out A.L.I.E.’s poisoned pill virus and kill her. Chris warns her that he has already done so and she has locked him out of everything. He is ordered to seek refuge in their lighthouse bunker. Polaris Commander, Cole McAdams, enters the lab and alerts them that twenty-seven ICBMs have been launched from China and are aimed for the United States.


From their space station, Polaris, they watch in horror as the missiles approach their destinations. McAdams manages to contact his wife and daughter, but the signal is lost. The missiles from China make contact, and the United States fires back. The nukes drop on almost every major city, and the Earth is left simmering in radiation.

Becca is seen injecting herself with a black fluid, altering her DNA and rendering her blood a black color. In her briefcase, it is seen that there are many more vials of the black fluid. McAdams confronts Becca, having been told by her assistant, Peri, that Becca’s artificial intelligence program was what destroyed the human species. The commander is preparing to dock along with the other twelve stations, to create the Ark, and angrily tells her it is being designed to ride out the nightmare that Becca created.

They will not join the Ark, which is scheduled to unite in two hours, until the second A.I. is floated. Becca pleads that the A.L.I.E. 2.0 is exactly what they will need, what will save them on the Ark. She fears that the Ark will not survive with limited normal human scientists doing the calculations, and that the A.I. will help them survive because A.L.I.E. 2.0 will have a biologically-based human conscience that will know humanity’s “wants and needs” because it will also want and need the same things that humans will. However, the Commander is not convinced and goes with Peri to find something to float the research in. Becca, guilt-ridden and in need to make some amends for the destruction she caused, is still convinced that A.L.I.E. 2.0 will help the remains of humanity to survive and locks herself in the lab.


McAdams warns Becca that the other stations are threatening to stop docking maneuvers because Polaris has not started. Alpha Station contacts Polaris and threatens to martyr them. Becca launches from the pod, wearing the commander’s spacesuit. The Alpha Station destroys Polaris to send a message to the other stations and forces them to join, threatening that the same thing will happen to the other federation stations if they choose not to join.

As Clarke prepares to leave with Octavia, she finds Murphy outside Lexa’s sleeping quarters. He is tied up and injured, but alive. Titus pulls out a gun, saying if he kills Clarke with a Skaikru weapon, she will think it was Murphy and may be so heartbroken that she will declare war and kill the Arkadians. Clarke manages to dodge the bullets, but Titus, who is not skilled with firearms, accidentally fires a stray bullet, which kills Lexa.


Vertically down the center is a scar, which Titus reopens. As blood pours out, A.L.I.E. 2.0, now sentient, emerges. Titus puts it into the sleep mode, and stores it away in an old tin box. He carries away Lexa’s body and alerts the Grounders that the conclave must begin and that Lexa is dead. Her spirit (the A.I. plucked from her nape) will choose the next commander.

Back to 97 years ago
Becca survives and lands on Earth, in the ruins of Baltimore during the nuclear winter. Her suit is breached and the radiation levels spike. The black fluid injected is presumed to counteract the effects of nuclear radiation as she was able to take off her helmet and breathe safely. Out of the debris Becca sees humans approaching in the distance, wearing hazmat suits. She tells them that she is here to help. It is implied that she would inject these survivors with the black fluid and make them immune to the radiation as well. It is seen that on Becca’s nape, crudely stitched, is the same vertical cut that must contain the same A.I.


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