Wedding planner

Planning a wedding is an exciting time… but there’s certainly plenty to think about. No occasion is more personal – and something which might be all-important to one couple may not matter to another. When you’re planning a wedding to a set budget, it’s a good idea to decide what your priorities are first, then agree where you might make any compromises.

  • The average cost of a wedding is now £21,000 (Source: UK Alliance of Wedding Planners)

Many people are surprised – to say the least – when they hear how much the average wedding is likely to cost. They think that the kind of figure we’re talking about might include a lot of luxury items which they won’t want. But when you break the figures down, it’s easier to understand how it all adds up…

Wedding expenses What they might cost
Venue & Catering: £9,500
Photography: £2,100
Flowers: £1,200
Entertainment: £1,220
Bridal dress, shoes, veil and groom’s outfit: £1,680
Total, including other costs: £21,000

As you can see, your biggest cost will be hosting and entertaining your guests, so it’s important to decide how many people to invite as soon as you can. Other major expenses usually include the dress and photography, though you don’t have to spend a fortune on either if they aren’t your highest priorities.


Flip  the coin

The average marriage lasts just nine years. And with 4.9 milliondivorced or separated people living in Britain, the Brits now holdthe record for the highest divorce rate in Europe. Among men, theaverage age of divorce is 41 and 39 for women.

Couples divorcing in Britain face an average bill of more than£13,000 (2003 figure)

‘Cost of divorce’ calculator:

Cost Average amount
per person
who spent
Legal fees £1,668 52% £272.351m
Maintenance payments £3,324 15% £156.560m
Setting up a new home £2,638 51% £422.449m
Child care costs £1,685 16% £84.654m
Buying a second car £3,358 12% £126.529m
Treats: i.e. holidays, shopping spree etc. £6,510 16% £327.068m
First year’s mortgage or rent £6,000 35% £659.400m


Cost per person = £6,525

National cost = £2 billion


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