Comments on the Burkini

The French government has accused Marks & Spencer of ‘enslaving women’ with the sale of its full-body ‘burkini’ (Metro, Fri). However, this garment isn’t just useful to Muslim women who want a day at the beach or pool. People with albinism or who burn easily would also find it useful. With the run-up to summer and cries of protecting against sunburn and skin cancer, wouldn’t a ‘burkini’ be welcome for some? L, Sunderland

Give these women a break and let them have the freedom to wear their ‘burkinis’ – at least their faces are visible. I’m not a Muslim but it is outrageous for the French government to call this enslavement of women. The French need to learn from the Brits and to keep calm and carry on. Gaurav Kumar, London

I’m not a Muslim but I would consider buying the ‘burkini’ as I do not feel comfortable exposing my body to anyone other than my husband. It’s ridiculous that giving women the option to cover up their bodies or show them off in public is causing women’s rights concerns – it’s against women’s rights not to provide this choice. Besides, it would protect my hair quite nicely, too. Trudy, London

The designers of the ‘burkini’ are money-grabbing male chauvinists who are taking women back to Victorian times. These ridiculous outfits should be banned. Janet Neville, Essex

M&S is encouraging women to think it’s OK to be totally submissive to male control freaks. Lisa G, London



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