Brexit ‘more likely’ if young don’t vote by Tariq Tahir

THE apathy of young voters could lead to Britain leaving the European Union, a poll has shown. The study found 53 per cent of those aged 18 to 34 are in favour of staying with 29 per cent wanting to leave. But only just over half of those who want the UK to stay in definitely intend to vote in the June 23 referendum, according to the Opinium poll for The Observer newspaper. James McGrory, campaign spokesman of Stronger In, said: ‘This is the biggest choice Britain will make in a generation and it’s young people who have the most at stake. ‘Being in Europe means more jobs, more growth and lower prices. Leaving would put that at risk and it’s young people who would have to live with the consequences.’Adam Drummond of Opinium said: ‘Young people are much more pro-EU but much less likely to bother voting, meaning that a key element of Remain’s coalition is looking flaky.’ The poll has the Leave campaign on 43 per cent, ahead of Remain on 39 per cent, with 18 per cent still undecided. Support for quitting the EU among older voters is much stronger, with 54 per in favour of Brexit against 30 per cent who want to remain.


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