FOVE CEO Yuka Kojima hits Forbes Japan



FOVE VR: uses eye tracking tech to command robots (elderly) and PCs (impaired)


Fove CEO Yuka Kojima made a splash on the September cover of Forbes Japan.

In an issue detailing ‘The Worlds 100 Most Powerful Women’, CEO Yuka Kojima and the Fove headset took the cover story.

The Japan-based Fove is creating a VR headset with integrated eye-tracking. Eye-tracking in a VR headset is not a new concept, but Fove is perhaps the first company to be building it in directly at a consumer price point.

The company ran a Kickstarter back in May which blasted through its $250,000 goal, eventually raising just over $480,000. Following an investment from Samsung Ventures, the company committed to bringing Valve’s ‘Lighthouse’ tracking technology to the headset. The company recently showed off the latest iteration of Fove’s industrial design.


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