How to get a gf


[ā€“]ReeferTheDoctor 7 points 2 months ago*

Step 1: Be healthy. Be yourself. Have passion for things in your life, hobbies, job, goals. Be optomistic, confident, kind, have a sense of humor, and be someone great that others want to be around. Importantly: Don’t be afraid to be alone, take as much time as you need to get these things.

Step 2: Once you have those things, put yourself out there. Dating sites, or go to local music festivals, library, gym, record store, anywhere to meet a woman. Talk to them, you can say almost anything, sometimes I just walk up and say “Favorite Movie?” If you have chemistry with them, you may land their number. From there don’t be clingy, overtexting, overaffectionate, etc. Keep your cool, and eventually make plans with her to hangout. In person just remember, you have your life together, and she is just a bonus addition to your happiness, but not the source. Don’t rush things, keep it simple. Always keep her guessing, chasing, wondering “Does he like me? He’s such a great guy.” Soon enough she will want to be serious.

Step 3: Keep up step one. Unfortunately I got lazy and comfortable, became insecure and just wasn’t myself, which is why I lost the girl. Now I’m back at step 1, humbled but much wiser.


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