Cut calories and go Korean, says top chef


Londoners should swap calorific takeaways for Korea’s “healthy, fast and tasty” alternatives, says chef Judy Joo.

The Korean-American TV presenter, says she is on a “mission” to get Londoners away from fatty food.

Yesterday, the Standard revealed how time-strapped Londoners spent £1.4 billion on takeaways last year.

Joo, 39, whose parents emigrated from South Korea to New Jersey, said: “Korean cuisine is healthy and fast. It always has a plethora of vegetables in it which are obviously good for you and has a lot of fermented ingredients which are good for the gut. Also, eating Korean food doesn’t feel like punishment as it is super tasty and complex.

“I’d urge any Londoners to give it a go — both in takeaway form and at restaurants. It’s a healthy alternative to calorific food.”

The chef, who presents Korean Food Made Simple on Food Network UK, says the cuisine is gaining in popularity in London: “Pret a Manger now has Korean-influenced foods. You know it must be in demand when Pret stock it.” A former Morgan Stanley banker, she retrained as a chef and moved to London, where she worked for Gordon Ramsay. She opened Jinjuu, her first restaurant in the capital, in Soho in January and on Sunday will take part in a free food demonstration in Trafalgar Square for the city’s South Korean Festival.


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