Belle Knox


‘Welcome home daddy, I’m a porn star!’ ‘Heartbroken’ devout Catholic Army doctor returns from Afghanistan to find beloved daughter is the Duke student Belle Knox starring in X-rated films

  • Her father and mother, from Spokane, Washington, had no idea their daughter Miriam is known as porn princess Belle Knox
  • She featured in a Catholic magazine featuring her charitable work while at Prep school. She has a ‘devastated’ brother who does Christian outreach work
  • Tuition alone at Duke is $47,000 a year. She was one of only 3,000 students accepted. She claims she has to star in porn to pay her $60,000 a year tuition

Top 10 Unis in America


  • Thomas Bagley, a Phi Delta Theta pledge who is majoring in computer science and mathematics, recognized Knox after watching her performance on an X-rated website. Knox made headlines last month when Bagley spilled her secret at a fraternity event.
  • Knox says she’s faced some hostility on campus – mostly from other girls – but that most people have been supportive


  • Now, Knox wants to make waves in the political world. She’s working with a libertarian group on her campus and has a burgeoning public speaking career. In a phone conversation with Business Insider on Monday, Weeks discussed how her adult film career influenced her libertarian activism.

Sources: DailMail , Business Insider

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