Homeroom Diaries novel

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I’m starting over.

With this diary. With everything.

So welcome to it.

And if we’re going to be friends—and I know we are—then I might as well be completely straight with you. I mean, what kind of person lies in her own diary?

I started this diary as a patient at “Crazytown.” That’s what us locals call the psych ward at St. Augustine Community Hospital in Portland, Oregon, where I went for a ten-day “observation period” not too long ago.

People were actually really nice to me. In fact, everyone found me fascinating! In other words, they observed me. And I observed me, too. It was all very observational. They were trying to make sure I wasn’t going to hurt myself, and I was trying to figure out why I had spent the last three months…

The hallways are full of the Usual Suspects: Jocks, Nerds, Twinkies, Otaku, Barbies, Goths, Eurotrash, Jailbait, Stoners, Joiners, Glommers, Delusionals, Haters, Wankstas, Thespians, Teachers, Terror Teachers, Zomboids, Robots, Gleeks, United Colors of Benettoners, Libertarians, Activists, Juvies, Baristas, Blahs, and—my best friends—the Freakshow.

Homeroom Diaries
Author:James Patterson


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