SciFi fantasy books: Half Orc Series

The Half-Orc Series chronicles the trials of Harruq and Qurrah Tun, brothers of mixed blood and humble beginnings. One will seek redemption and atonement for the evil he has done. One will destroy everything to deny his wrongs.


THE WEIGHT OF BLOOD – At his brother’s insistence, Harruq Tun pledges loyalty to the death prophet Velixar, dooming their lives to murder and bloodshed. Only an elf named Aurelia provides hope for escape…an elf on the side of the enemy. An elf Harruq is ordered to kill.

THE COST OF BETRAYAL – The battle of Woodhaven behind them, Harruq hopes for a better life with Aurelia. Qurrah, however, continues his practice of the dark arts. When he falls for a girl lost to madness, he will do anything to save her – even if it means harming those his brother loves most.


THE DEATH OF PROMISES – After a bloody conflict with his brother, Qurrah Tun flees west with his lover, the strange and powerful Tessanna. He seeks an ancient tome known as Darakken’s spellbook, its pages containing the secrets of the world’s very creation. Only Harruq and his friends can stand against the darkness his brother might unleash.

The portal is open, and war demons pour into the world of Dezrel, with every intention of burning the land to ash.

Harruq Tun leads the survivors of the broken kingdom of Neldar, hoping to find safety in the west. But it will take the aid of his wife and friends to hold back the army of his brother, Qurrah, that gives chase.

The dark god Karak nears his total victory and release, and the fate of the world will be decided by Harruq’s strength as the vile army of demons, priests, and undead nears.


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