Thoughts: Making sense of Hanna (Movie)


What some describe as a modern day fairytail does in fact have the traditional children story theme, but only when it comes to the music. Everything else is a mixture of Kill Bill and CIA action movies.


Born in a lab for only one thing, to be a soldier, a few coworkers have a soft spot and smuggle her out of the country. The idea was at least to give her a normal life, but running from the CIA and government is next to impossible. The non-biological father (Erik Heller) has no choice but to hide it out in rural northern Finland, basically in the wild.


(DailyMail): Babies with genetically modified DNA: The procedure is designed to get rid of genetic mutations that can lead to blindness, epilepsy and other medical problems.

This procedure has yet to be tried in humans but researchers have managed to successfully perform the procedure in rhesus monkeys. The U.S. is not expected to start trials on humans until after the UK and the Food and Drug Administration is concerned about whether the donor mother could be considered as a co-parent of a child and therefore have as many rights as the mother – even if they are contributing just 0.1 per cent to the child’s DNA.

This raises an interesting theory. Marissa Wiegler (Cate Blanchett) and Erik had such a huge stake in Hanna’s wellbeing but this wasn’t really explained. Perhaps part their DNAs were used to birth her


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