Round frames

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Robots taking over!


For robots to make our lives easier, they’ll need to work together. But how do we teach them teamwork? University of Southern California engineer Nora Ayanian studies how groups of robots, including flying drones, can be better collaborators and what the machines can teach humans about collaboration.


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Value for money (subjective)

Topic: Blizzcon 2017

Value for money definition

  • used in reference to something that is well worth the money spent on it.
  • A utility derived from every purchase or every sum of money spent. Value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economy) but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase


What the customer is putting in

  • Blizzcon ticket price $199 USD each
  • BlizzCon Benefit Dinner $500 to $750 (optional)
  • Trip and all that comes with travelling

What the customer anticipates he/she will get out of it

  • The experience
  • Contacts
  • Status
  • Expansion announcement

A good or bad spend sometimes comes down to the individual
*can apply to other events, membership clubs, possibly education

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