Devoted to the Sea by Iain Matthiae



Top desirable skills


“The road to mastery can be long and winding. Being the best takes time, hard-work, and determination – it’s a marathon, rather than a sprint”

VERBAL COMMUNICATION Able to express your ideas clearly and confidently in speech
TEAMWORK Work confidently within a group
COMMERCIAL AWARENESS Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation
ANALYSING & INVESTIGATING Gather information systematically to establish facts & principles. Problem solving
INITIATIVE/SELF MOTIVATION Able to act on initiative, identify opportunities & proactive in putting forward ideas & solutions
DRIVE Determination to get things done. Make things happen & constantly looking for better ways of doing things.
WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Able to express yourself clearly in writing
PLANNING & ORGANISING Able to plan activities & carry them through effectively
FLEXIBILITY Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments
TIME MANAGEMENT Manage time effectively, prioritising tasks and able to work to deadlines


Other skills that were also seen as important

GLOBAL SKILLS Able to speak and understand other languages. Appreciation of other cultures
NEGOTIATING & PERSUADING Able to influence and convince others, to discuss and reach agreement.
LEADERSHIP Able to motivate and direct others
NUMERACY Multiply & divide accurately, calculate percentages, use statistics & a calculator, interpret graphs & tables.
COMPUTING SKILLS Word-processing, using databases, spreadsheets, the Internet & email, designing web pages
SELF AWARENESS Awareness of achievements, abilities, values & weaknesses & what you want out of life
PERSONAL IMPACT/CONFIDENCE Presents a strong, professional, positive image to others which inspires confidence & commands respect.
LIFELONG LEARNING Continues to learn throughout life. Develops the competencies needed for current & future roles
STRESS TOLERANCE Maintains effective performance under pressure
INTEGRITY Adheres to standards & procedures, maintains confidentiality and questions inappropriate behaviour.
INDEPENDENCE Accepts responsibility for views & actions and able to work under their own direction & initiative.
DEVELOPING PROFESSIONALISM Pays care & attention to quality in all their work. Supports & empowers others.
ACTION PLANNING Able to decide what steps are needed to achieve particular goals and then implement these.
DECISION-MAKING Determines the best course of action. Evaluates options based on logic & fact & presents solutions
INTERPERSONAL SENSITIVITY Recognises & respects different perspectives. Open to the ideas & views of others
CREATIVITY Generates & applying new ideas & solutions


Originals: magic & gore


The oldest and the first generation of vampires. A huge bounty on their heads

New Orleans

You would think the premise of Originals is ancient royal beings, castles and Dracula vampires. Instead we get New Orleans, a laid back, party hard atmosphere vibe. Had my doubts about the show at first, but the modern day x fantasy works.


“The blood never stops flowing and the party never ends”

Witches and Magic

Witches are the attraction of the city, by relying on their ancestral spirits, it makes for a very earthy and traditional magic style, from Papa Tunde’s blade, to the Harvest Rituals, to Vincent and Freya’s aggressive magic chants.

Sacrificial magic ✓

Reincarnation ✓

Blood magic ✓

“Harvest” rituals ✓

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Voodoo: The Harvest Ritual is a ceremony performed once every 300 years as a means to strengthen the connection between the living witches and their deceased Ancestors. The coven sacrifices four young witch girls as an offering, who are then resurrected with greater power


It all comes down to love. The Originals and Vampire Diaries have this recurring theme about 2 brothers and a girl (love interest) [F] audience predominately. The love/relationship dynamics for each are different though

  • The Klaus/Elijah and Hayley romance was a bit awkward. Maybe this was because they were related or Elijah was too much of a gentleman perhaps. Hayley was also married to Jackson and with Klaus being the baby daddy…it made for a complicated love story. But maybe that’s what they were going for with Originals
  • In contrast Stefan/Damon and Elena was much simpler and natural. (Vampire Diaries)
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Quad-Love Triangle? Hayley & Elijah…& Jackson (Wolf) & maybe Klaus

Another spinoff?

2 brothers and a girl is getting kinda old. So whats the Hope spinoff going to be about?

The Originals (and Vampire Diaries) ended with Alaric opening a new school for witches.  Might we get a cross between Harry Potter and Vampire Academy?

  • Hope has no sister. So we can’t have the 2 girls and a guy theme. Besides that’s stepping into [M] audience territory
  • Teaser trailer does say she wants to reunite the family in Season 5. But when that’s all over where does that go
Screen Captures

Teaser trailer: Just like her dad Hope enjoys painting on a canvas but with blood, and that can’t be good. Maybe going with rebel teen here

Hope spinoff might be a cross between these three:

Interesting villains

Here’s a ranking of some of the more memorable villains. These are my personal favs:


#1 The father – strict and harsh instructor with a vengeance


#2 Lucien Castle – Rich, pompous and arrogant


#3 The Original Hollow – Creepy and psychotic


#4 Davina Claire – for a brief moment, a ruthless leader


#5 Aurora de Martel – Locked and loaded (with deadly wooden pellets)


#6 [Hollow in…] Sofya Voronova – Cool and collected


#7 The Strix – Collectively (invite only)

Blurred lines: Villians or Heroes?

  • Elijah – going too far for family
  • Freya – also going too far
  • Marcellus – Slaughtering witches in S1

Review score:


  • If you’re a Harry Potter fan this might float your boat
  • So much to binge watch
  • A lot to look foward to in the future(Season 5 and a another spinoff?! possibly)
  • Interesting villains


  • Season 4 takes a while to get interesting
  • Lacking romance development
  • Didn’t have to prove Elijah is a monster too
  • Some villains die too soon
  • One or two good guys die when they shouldn’t have